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  1. 1.How do I Enter BIOS/CMOS setup utility?

  2. How do I reset my Bios/CMOS?

  3. My motherbaord is new, should I update my motherboards' bios? Should I update my motherboard bios to a beta version?

1.How do I Enter BIOS/CMOS setup utility?

1. Press "Del" or "Delete" on your keyboard right after you start your computer? When you see Gigabyte logo. if you missed the time and now it is stuck at Verify DMI pool...., please restart computer and try again.

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How do I reset my Bios/CMOS?

There are many ways you can reset your bios.

1. On the motherboard there is a small watch battery. Remove this battery along with the power cable from the power supply. Hold down the power button to fully discharge the system. Wait 2-3 minutes then reinstall the battery and plug in your system. Your reset is now complet.

2. Some motherboards have 2 or 3 pin jumper by the battery.

A. 2 pins:
connect two pins together with flat head screwdriver or something (metal that passes electricity)
connect them together for 3 to 5 second Normally these two pins are open. Please make sure they are open when you are done.


b. 3 pins

Lets say that the jumper is on pins 2 and 3 and the pin 1 is open, Remove the jumper while the machine is OFF and place onto pins 1 and 2. Power on your machine for a minute. (Note: Your system will not POST). Shutdown your machine and put the jumper back to pins 2 and 3. Your reset is now complete

3.  You may also refer to your motherboard manual to reset your bios/cmos setup. (with all electronic please proceed with caution at your own risk)

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My motherbaord is new, should I update my motherboards' bios? Should I update my motherboard bios to a beta version?

Please do not update your motherboard bios, unless updating the bios will fix a known issue/s that you are having, as updating motherboard bios is risky. You should never update your bios to beta version, as it is at beta version, may not be stable.

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