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Customer Testimonials
Great Service!
It is rare today to receive the level of customer service I've enjoyed with my dealings with Express HD. My questions have been answered promptly both via email and on the phone. They have gone above and beyond to help me out. The turnaround time on my order was far less then I expected. And I live over 2000 miles away from them! I will certainly look their way again when it comes time to make further purchases. All the best, PJ

-- PJ from TN, USA

EFiX Mac Pro Q9650
I built my Mac PC with GA-EP45-UD3R, 8 GB DDR2 RAM, Intel Quad Core CPU Q9650, WD HD VelociRaptor 150GB 10K rpm as boot drive, Seagate 1.5TB as second drive, GeForce 8800GT 512MB, Pioneer DVDRW, Thermaltake Key 3 Super Cooler, USB Bluetooth, Retail original Mac OS X Leopard 10.5. All installed successfully and upgraded to latest 10.5.7 without problem. After all working, I overclock it to 4.05 GHz (I change the FSB to 450 MHz), still very stable, so far no problem at all. The system running crazy fast, comparable to my Mac Pro 2 x Quad Core 3 GHz. If EFiX can make it run with the new Core i7 I am sure it will be faster than the real Mac Pro. Thanks a lot to EFiX team.

-- Marwan from Indonesia

EFiX V1.1
Best service period. Got my EFiX V1 and now getting my V1.1 on pre-order. This is for my love i7 950 ....lol Thanks guys! G. Man

-- Gary from Los Angeles, CA USA

Express PC-Q9550
We have copied an email from one of our client with their permission. for your viewing. Abdul - Feel free to post any emails that you wish!! I have been playing with the PC-MAC all day yesterday... No problems whatsoever, I loaded tons of software pushed the system to the limits, Reinstalled the operating system several times - trying different things each time. IT IS ROCK SOLID!!! I must say; I have always been an "ASUS" kinda guy when it comes to "motherboards" and -- WOW, I am very impressed with the GIGABYTE motherboards. They are TANKS!! They seem to have less compadiblity issues with Windows then my experience with ASUS! -- I am really quite happy with this new system from your company, expresshd!!! I am now confident I now have nearly a 100% MAC OS X Experience and possibly even better - because it seems to run faster then my REAL APPLE MAC! hahaha, SUPER!!! I loaded Windows XP - and it ROCKS! Yes - - I used NTFS and It didn't work on the EFIX, but I did the FAT32 format and it worked fine. VERY COOL!!! Abdul, you definetly have it together. I am very impressed with your quick response to my issues, and your dedicated hard work and devotion to your customers. I was a bit hesitant at first to purchase from an UNKNOWN hardware vendor, BUT your company has proven me wrong! You're a very reputable businessman, and your company will florish becasue of your dedicated level of support. I will always look to ExpressHD for my new computer needs. I really look forward to doing more business in the near future. I hope EFIX - supports 8 CORE processors soon (efix) lol... Now that would be REALLY NICE! *** One thing I noticed, BOOTCAMP will not work with EFIX, I suspect this is normal.... Unless I am doing something wrong. Ok Very cool... Thank you so much! Jon C.

-- Email from customer

Success with ease
I ordered a drive over the internet. It arrived faster than expected - clear across the US in three days! I have a hackintosh Intel ® Core (™) i7 CPU 950 with a GA-EX58-UD5 motherboard, 16 gigs of 1600 RAM. Put the boot dive in the mother board and it worked flawlessly. Some of the readings of BIOS settings do not match in the OSX "About this Mac" window. But I was quickly assured by Abdul that this was OK and that the BIOS settings were the accurate ones. The machine of course is very fast and much faster than the Mac Pro that I used to own. Very responsive company with a great product that works very well!! A+++

-- P Smith from NC, USA

If you have any doubt about this company, Call me 863-899-8446 or email me jlwarren8@msn.com They are with out a doubt, the most honest and decent people I have ever dealt with, and I have been in this business for over 43 years. They stand by their product and I stand by them.

-- Jerome Warren from Fl, USA

EFiX Refurbished
i just want to share my experience. it was excellent, it is so easy and it worked like charm, i couldn't believe how easy it was...i followed "installation Guide" great product and very good instruction. Good Job guys

-- Juan from Los Angeles, CA USA

Great Product
If you want a high end machine at about half the price (of a mac pro), look no further. This thing rocks! Just read the fact sheet before you install and it will be smooth as silk. Everything works with no problems.

-- Craig M Kuhn from Delaware

My new computer Rocks!!!
I wanted to wait until I had my computer for a while before I wrote a review. First of all the service form Express HD was top notch. I wanted a special case so they ordered it for me and I only paid the difference. However the first company took the order only to tell us the case I wanted was no longer available so Express HD contacted me and then work with two other companies until I could get just the case I wanted. During the whole time communication was excellent. I pestered them almost every day (did you get the case yet, did you get the case yet?) I got a response every time. Now about the computer of which I have had about a month; it came ready to install (which was easier than I thought it would be, just follow the directions). I am running Windows 7 (release candidate) and OS X and both seem to work flawlessly and so far I am extremely happy. I will certainly be shopping with Express HD in the future. Thanks again guys.

-- Jan from Pennsylvania

Yup Yup & Yup
I have to give to this guys, excellent support if help required, little issues with network card, but after doing research by express hd team within few hours was solved, use Netgear G311 card, all my devices sync up 100% with no headache. it was complementary so no worries there! I am blown by the power of this monster. I had fun doing OS? installation, I felt like a pro :-)

-- Jay from FL, USA

Wow! i have followed all the HCL, Bios Setup, and wow, it was too easy that i did not think possible. Please select your dvd rom before the timer hits you, not a big deal, only on first installation. Great Work! Excellent Product!

-- Simon from Los Angeles, CA

Dead hard disk
Omar did a great job fixing & diagnosing my problem. The HD boot sector was corrupted repeatedly crashing before Efix 1.1 completed loading. He walked me through a re-install . Thanks much for excellent service

-- Arjun from WI USA

Up to the latest with 10.5.7
Glad I invested in your product. I lived with the problems encountered with my hackintosh every time I tried to update beyond 10.5.2. (It took me the better part of a week just to download and install a hacked version of Mac OS X 10.5.2 on my Asus MoBo.) Everything eventually ran with hacked drivers, etc., but unable to get reliably beyond 10.5.2. Finally bought the EFi-X Vi and tried it with my current setup. Added a new HD and sure enough it installed a new version of the Mac OS with my retail copy of the OS. Only problem when done was no sound or network. Read all the forum stuff and convinced myself that GigaByte MoBo was what I needed to solve my problems and get a clean fully operating Mac OS X. Located and installed GA-EP45T-UD3 and tried again. Success. Since I had already formatted the drive earlier with the previous install on my Asus system, it was already to go. Within 2 minutes, I had the BIOS configured just as instructed and started up with the EFi-X V1 as the boot device. I was really excited as MacOS 10.5 started up cleanly with sound and networking running fine. Next I made sure that the firmware on the EFi-X was updated to 3.6.10, then I ran Software Update and am now running 10.5.7 without any problems. Thanks for a great product.

-- Al Taylor from Roswell GA

Excellent Product
i am not easy and not that technical, as i am bit old style. i always like new things, i were able to make this things work like A-B-C; easy as it can be, the guides are enough detail maybe bit more, but hey it was just what anyone could ask for, more detail does not hurt. One Happy Boy with his PC to brag about all day long :)

-- Ruiz from NY, USA

EFI-X Replacement
I had an issue with my chip where it stopped working and since the chip makers are based overseas I thought I would have to mail it there and be without a working MAC-PC for weeks. But ExpressHD took care of my issue in almost every way. They actually answered the phone when I called, and had me send in my chip. They fixed it, and mailed it back to me. The turn around time was about 2 days. I'm really happy with their customer service. (I normally don't write reviews, but they were so helpful that I really felt I needed to).

-- DoctaJay from Los Angelos, CA

efix 1.1
Great product, works perfect, OSX does its updates (well all 3 OS's do).... no real major problems (Only thing as I wasnt familuar with installing OSX but taht was overcome easily) GREAT Tech support, stands behind thier products ! :)

-- Scott from San Diego

just got my order in! can't wait for this V1.1 it may take up to 30 days i can wait.., this is my 5th EFiX. I love all my systems! GREAT SERVICE and EXCELLENT tech knowledge, when i have questions. Good Job! Express HD.

-- Eric from FL, USA

simply the best system money can buy. much easier than I assumed. Great product. and running my sweetest OS u know what at 10.6.6 and my STUDIO is loving me. PRO-TOOOOLLLL with firewire...lol

-- Omar from Peoria, AZ

I thank you for your reply. I tried your suggestion and the unit is back operating perfectly. May I just add that I am very pleased with the prompt replies to my concern and the help that has been provided. Thank you again, and please continue to provide the excellent support that you have been doing. Walter

-- Walter from CA, USA

Great Support
Decided to give one of your kits a whirl. Had some issues involving the OS install (turned out my brand new Leopard DVD didn't want to play nice), and then some other issues which were my fault. All were handled with superb customer service FAR beyond what I expected. Not to mention that my machine is now purring happily and running great. THANKS!

-- Barry from Maine, USA

Guys, I am so completely blow away with how well this EFI thing works! I have used Macs since day one in 1985 and make a living now doing network television editing using FCP and all the Adobe software etc. I have built many Mac based editing systems over the years and have used every model of MAC that Apple sells. I can't believe how fast stable and perfect this "homemade" MAC I put together is. I have been installing all my stuff and really putting this to real world tests all weekend, and it is obvious this is a real MAC. Except for one thing, it runs better than any Apple built MAC I have ever used! Just bought a new Mac Pro 8 core for work. Anyway thanks for this amazing tricked out product. I hope you guys keep this going, I am interested to know about any and all online resources other than the forum that you know about. Thanks Pete

-- Pete F

I decided to purchase the EFI-X USB on a whim. I was prepared to buy the motherboard to meet the requirements for installation, however, I had previously ran OS X on the same setup I currently have (Q6600, 8 GB Ram, Crossfire ATI HD3870, Asus P5E Motherboard). I decided to try this to see if it'd work. I was overly delighted to see this work point-blank. I was able to install Leopard without a hitch. Intially My NIC wasn't detected but I did have a Hawking Wireless USB for Mac which I plugged in. Once I updated my installation - everything was detected and working! This was most definitely worth the investment! I'd highly recommend that others stick to the requirements unless they have a work-around plan in case something can not be (easily) resolved.

-- Brad from Ohio, USA

oh yeah I got the baby running like a super model. Except this one is better doesn't talk back to me lol. all my function works. I am using a Netgear G311 for network card. but the sound, shut down, stand by...can't go wrong; i5-570 ...super-fast, and stable....one bad thing...i am learning to love my OS X..hehehe my wife is getting mad....... this guys have the best supports. No doubt about that.

-- GREAT Motherboard from Phoenix, AZ

Super Stable smoking System
Man this thing has become my 2nd girl friend lol. super stable and super fast, i overclocked my q9550 to 3.5ghz ...now things just fly.... EXCELLENT PRODUCTS Great customer Service. TOM

-- Tom from ONT, Canada

i have to say my i7 system is rock solid, and super fast, got my windows 7 and OS X running with efix v1.1; v1.1 is more stable, my 2nd efix system. it smoke my other computers...like a little baby... simply great product, and installation could have been done with my 8year, who play too much video games...

-- Jessie from New Mexico, USA

Super tech support
Efix ran Snow Leopard perfectly for 3 weeks, then the computer would not boot up. I finally got the computer to boot them I smelled smoke coming from the computer near the USB ports where the Efix plugs into. One of the capacitors on the mother board next to the USB ports had burned up. I mailed the efix 1.1 back to Zougate to get it checked out, Abdul personally called me to explain the exhaustive tests he ran to verify that my efix was ok and gave me the option of sending the original back or a new replacement at my choosing. Gigabyte was also super they immediately emailed me a UPS paided RMA for a motherboard replacement. With this kind of support you should have no hesitation to go full speed ahead with this project. Ron

-- Ron from California

Hello dream machine...
Well, I picked up the high end machine they have here along with the processor upgrade and the video card upgrade. I wanted to wait a while before posting to see just how stable OS X would run in my day-to-day life. Well, I love the machine. I spent 2,400 and have what's essentially a VERY nice Mac Pro and two 30 inch screens.... wowahwewah! The Geekbench and XBench scores blow away the decked out video processing Macs we use at work (which cost 10-13k). Games run like butter on this machine. 100+ fps with max settings on Warcraft... while running Photoshop...and Apple Mail... and Safari. It just really tears through things. Don't get me wrong -- this is NOT an Apple. Bluetooth has never worked with me, my wifi card (that's made for Mac's, works in my other Mac Pro) refuses to show up as a wireless adapter (think's it's an ethernet card lol). Also, I could care less about virtualization. I ditched Windows a while back, and don't plan on starting to use it again. But all said and done, this was such a good deal for such a stable computer, good components, and very responsive tech support. Oh, and ExpressHD actually picks up their phone when you call support -- how novel is that for a computer company? A+

-- Austin from San Francisco, CA

If you follow guides, from hardware, to bios setup, You can't go wrong. I finally got my EFIX v 1.7 in and my skepticism was rather high. It was dashed away in mere seconds when the installation DVD for Snowleopard 10.6 kicked in. this is the way to go. Spend a little more money on this product and you won't have to spend painful hours scouring the Internet to use something that may or may not work. Abdul, thanks again for being so helpful as well.

-- Ravi from MS, USA

Had not build a system in a few years but wanted a system that could run different OS's They answered all my questions and called back to make sure I got my computer up and runing. AAAA++++ Service. Thanks, Clyde

-- Clyde from United States

EFiX System
I just finished to build my own system:GA-EP45-DS3R, EFiX, Leopard, Wndows Vista... Let me tell you! This thing is working... no problems whatsoever... First start it worked. I thought I would have problems NOPE! NADA! NOTHING! Just working. I used exactly what it is written in the HCL and it delivered.. THANKS!

-- Michel Boutot from Canada, Québec

Stellar Support
Fourth Efi-X for me, and I needed some help. Zougate is the best. Tech support is first rate. Thank you Zougate.

-- Jerry from Warren

efix usb v3.1
I love the BOX, it is cool. About my built; been able to download from Apple Store with i7 2nd generation cpu...was way to easy. I know there is other ways of doing the same, but i am extremely happy with the performace and most importantly easy as can be. Serice is okay, I guess i did not need them for any reason. Oscar

-- Oscar from Los Angeles, CA

just put together my i7-950; this monster scream for more, not sure what i can do to slow it down..hahah too fast...Great Service and super fast shipping. Jose

-- Jose from New York, USA

Excellent Excellet
This was the easyest installation i have ever done on OS X, I been in this for long time. I got my unit 2 days after i ordered. that was pretty cool. I hope expresshd.com puts all the installation procedures up soon, i got all support from efixusa.com :) Keep up the good work!

-- John from FL, USA

Great Product
Subject: GA-EP45-DS3R I just finished to build my own system:GA-EP45-DS3R, EFiX, Leopard, Wndows Vista... Let me tell you! This thing is working... no problems whatsoever... First start it worked. I thought I would have problems NOPE! NADA! NOTHING! Just working. I used exactly what it is written in the HCL and it delivered.. THANKS!

-- Daniel from Montreal , QC, Canada

X58 & EFiX V1.1 = super FASTT
This is what I have been waiting for! my 2nd EFiX System, it is bit overclocked,,lets say 4.1ghz i7-950 hehehe..super fast..i had it shipped super fast as well... great product...great service....not so often you see these days... Carlos

-- Carlos from New York, NY

efix trade-up
Great! it was shipped same day they had received my v1. can't be happier. I was ready to buy the V1.1...so this is great for me. my system works as advertized....happy customer..here... Great Shipping Guys! Jose

-- Jose from Los Angeles, CA

Great Support
I had an EFiX unit that became inoperable, and Express HD was more than willing to help. I received a very quick response from them about all my questions. I sent them the unit and they determined it was faulty and sent me a new one for free! It took 5 days from the time I sent them the faulty unit until I received the replacement one! Now that's fast! The best product support I've seen yet. Thanks a lot Express HD!

-- Dilan from Kansas, United States

Exceptionally easy to setup. And it works as describe. Sound worked, network worked, my old nVidia 8800GT worked. Install 10.6.4 then upgraded to 10.6.8 with office update and then through app store, I got 10.7.2 now. I am building my son a 2nd system. I am a professional graphics designer. Henry.

-- Henry from CA, USA

Great Experience so far
It seems to run Leopard flawlessly. Support Apple - buy a retail copy of Leopard and run it on one of these. The only glitches that I've seen so far have to do with the system hanging after a software install forces a restart. It does not actually restart until you shut it down and start it again. That's a small price to pay, and I've seen similar issues on a lot of Windows machines. Updates just work. This is the next best thing to a Mac Pro for half the cost.

-- Len from Virginia

Great Shipping/Great Product
I order 1 to 5 days, I got it 2 days later, the installation was so easy, I couldn't believe that, i actually wanted to have some challenges :); Great service guys! Excellent Product for my $$$. I got Better Combo (DDR3 memory) Sam

-- Sam from NY

Wow, it was less than 24 hours for my 10.5.7 to rocking, excellent Job on ASEM. I got my retail copy 10.5.6 and 3 days later 10.5.7; I am very happy. Great Job. P

-- Patrick from CA, USA

Works exactly as advertised
I can't believe how easy this thing is to use! I followed the hardware compatibility list, plugged in the EFI-X and used the configuration steps. Everything worked immediately, and my retail OS DVD fired right up and completed installation. Was able to complete ALL software updates with no problems whatsoever. Thanks for bringing such an important critical piece of hardware to the home PC enthusiast market.

-- Brad Shaw from NY, NY

Express PC-Q9650
I update the processor to Q9650; this thing is smooking fast, for the $$$ i spent, i couldn't be any happier. Excellent technical support, should you need; i had a quick question, not only i got the answer but also a follow through call. all the instruction you need is on this website. i am in. good work!

-- Hector from Miami, FL

efix refurb v1
Sweet deal! worked perfect, my 2nd wow system. Easy and simple, great service. Keep up the good work. i paid bit more for new efix v1; but enjoying refurbish v1. John

-- John from CA, USA

Worked on first try!
I bought the Combo Good because I'd built only one PC prior to this and didn't want to mess around with a bunch of settings. For minimal cost, ExpressHD did all that for me, plus I wanted the assurance of a motherboard and EFI-X that were not DOA (which sometimes happens ordering PC parts). The Combo Good succeeded spectacularly. My official OSX installer DVD booted right up, and I'm delighted to report smooth sailing several weeks later. Last night I installed Windows 7 RC onto a spare hard drive, and that worked perfectly. Linux Mint is next... ExpressHD has been professionally responsive when I occasionally ask them a question. Makes me feel like, if I ever did have a problem, they'll be there to stand behind the product. Finally, I'd recommend you follow the Hardware Compatibility List very carefully and enjoy the rather rough but accurate instructions ExpressHD wrote for us. The EFI-X website forums are sometimes useful, but much messier to navigate.

-- Tim from Michigan, USA

Excellent shipping and great customer service. Please follow the installation guide, as I had a different video card, and call the tech service..simply great service. Great JOB! T

-- Tom from NY, USA

new v1.1
Wow, I'm amazed at the service, at advance express hd, they reprogrammed my v1 chip (after a bad update) and sent it back within 2 days. Meanwhile the v1.1 came out and they sent it before my v1 was returned (after I paid for the upgrade). Well I can tell you the v1 worked fine but the v1.1 is definitely faster.Being able to get to snow leopard, one day, is why I upgraded. My Intel dx58so is happy and os 10.5.8 works beautifully. The cost saving over cupertino is 40%-50%!! It's also a pleasure working with a choice of operating systems. I love my own built "FrakenTosh". This technology should have been done years ago. Thanks for the support and a great product.

-- Robert E. from Ontario, Canada

EFIX: It Just Works!
EFIX USB is truly an amazing product. I built my own computer based on the Hardware Compatibility List and installed the EFIX USB V1 per the instructions. My 10-year old can do it. It is that easy. Installed Mac OS X Leopard from the original DVDs and without a glitch everything works! I installed Windows XP on the second hard drive and that works as well. Software updates are not a problem.. It is almost as seamless as an original Mac. The differences are so minor you won't know you are working on a PC 99% of the time.

-- WJ from United Kingdom

Fast and easy motherboard replacement
We ordered a couple of combos, and one of the motherboards seemed to not be working. After some helpful troubleshooting, Abdul got the replacement out to us very quickly. The support was pleasant, informative, fast and hassle free. Couldn't ask for more. There is NO better way to dual boot the OS that I want to run, and the OS I have to run.

-- Greg from Boston, MA

New Module
Because I had such a good experience with the EFiX V1.1, I decided to order a V3 for second computer that I had that was running a camelion module. The V3 runs better than my previous V1.1: boots faster and runs the system without any previous problems. Bravo EFiX!! A great buy.

-- Perry Smith from NC, USA

ATI graphic ROCKS
I am using my ATI Radeon HD 4870 from mac pro and it work and rocks. I am not sure how to make this system slow. I got efix usb v4; with the latest OS X. (10.8.X). Really impress with the performance. J Mac Guro

-- James from Los Angeles, USA

Excellent tech support
I had a small problem so I opened an online ticket. I was promptly assisted with a solution that worked. I am now 100% functional. Thanks Guys and keep up the GREAT work :-) here is my hardware: intel Q6600 Quadcore proc overclocked to 2.8Ghz EP45-C-DS3R - mainboard ....(you can update your HCL) Nvidia 9800GT 512 - video card LITE-ON DVDRW LH-20A15 - DVD Burner 6 GB DDR2 800 - RAM MAC iSight -webcam Logitech MX Revolution Laser Mouse Kensington wireless MAC keyboard

-- Kevin from Virginia, USA

The Best Prouduct Around
From the product to the tech support, if you can imagine me holding a nice cold mugg of beer heres to you on a great product, a well thought out plan,and excellent tech support......And we all say CHEERs. Thanks again for all the help. To all that read this don't think about it,enough research, Buy it, Do it, You will love it. Enough Said.......

-- TK from Los Angeles, CA

Product of the year!
V 1.01 The Efix concept should receive invention of the year. First and foremost, if building a custom build why do it on a single platform? Having the ability to run multiple operating systems on one a single STABLE build is unheard of. I've had my system running strong for the past 3 years. By comparison, my macbook pro has been in ER twice since its been purchased. The stability and reliability of my build is unparalleled. Great CS and tech support whenever needed. Majors props to Zougate!!!

-- Lentrell from Atlanta, Ga

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I thank you for your reply. I tried your suggestion and the unit is back operating perfectly. May I just add that I am very pleased with the prompt replies to my concern and the help that has been pro...

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I ordered a drive over the internet. It arrived faster than expected - clear across the US in three days! I have a hackintosh Intel ® Core (™) i7 CPU 950 with a GA-EX58-UD5 motherboard, 16 gigs of 160...

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