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Efix firmware update

Please note: for Intel™ 2nd Generation i3, i5, i7 and i7 extreme to be compatible; you must update your efix firmware to most recent version as of 11/9/2011. 2. Minimum requirement EFiX V3.0 with Firmware 1.6.6 or higher

2. Motherboards with Graphic Card on-board require external compatible Graphic Card

3. Please scroll all the way down to download the "EFiX Control Center" firmware update utility.


Please do not update efix usb's firmware, unless the firmware updated version will fix specific issues for your system. Keep in mind; most of the new firmware releases are for newer model motherboards. We do not take any responsibilities due to firmware update or OS X update/upgrade. Simple rules to follow is if your system is working do not break it. We do not have any ways to revert your firmware version; we do not have any efix usb v1.1 in stock with old firmware. Should you need assistance due to firmware update or OS X update, please contact the efix manufacturer support at www.efi-x.com or official efix forum http://forum.efi-x.com/ .


How to update the firmware on your EFIX USB?
Step 1: Download the latest EFiX Control Center (ASEM Control Center) from here. (bottom of this page)
Note: The Control Center is only for OS X. There is no Windows Control Center.

Step 2: Install the Control Center by double clicking the downloaded file. An icon will appear in the "System Preferences" panel.
Note: If you already have an older version of EFiX Control Center installed you must first remove the old version before installing the new one. To do so, right click on efix control center and select remove option to remove (uninstall) or drag the "control center" icon to trash.

Step 3: To update efix firmware Please click "System Preferences" then click EFiX Control Center ICON.

a. Your EFi-X information should be displayed including efix Model Type, firmware version, serial number, and current firmware installed on your EFi-X.

b. To update, click "Update". Then you will see a pop up screen. please click "Agree and Continue" if you agree to all the terms. Next you will see "product registration form" fill out the registration information then wait 48 hours for registration information to update. Please make a note: do not include middle initial or middle name, do not provide PO box address, use physical address. Once the form is completed click "ok" next will see " YOUR USER INFORMATION WAITING FOR CONFIRMATION" on "EFiX control center" please wait 48 hours before trying to update your efix firmware again. After 48 hours please try updating your efix firmware. It should show you another screen with "Caution .....and other alart ...if you agree then click "OK" to continue now the update process will start once 100% completed; you will see efix firmware version changed. if you still see the same message "your user information waiting for confirmation" please allow another 48 hours before contacting us. We can request registration after 4 business days from compliciation of your registration by contacting the manufacturer. We would need all the information you had filled out in the product registration form and your efix serial number. Please email info to info@zougate.com and please allow at least 48 hours for us to get back to you.

Below is a super detail procedures of efix firmware update:

Assuming you already have installed "efix control center"


Click " Click to open


Next you will see screen below:

Click Update

Click "Update" and you will see screen below"

register your efix screen



If you click "Yes: you will see screen Below:
agree and continue

If you agree and want to proceed with firmware update; please click "Agree and Continue" and you will see screen below:

product registration form

Please Note: We suggest not entering middle initial or middle name. Also Do Not enter PO Box address; use physical address. This will expediate the process.

Please Click "ok" once you have filled out all the necessary information above. Next you will see secreen below.

information confirmation screen

"Your user information waiting for confirmation" Please wait 48 hours before attempting to update your efix firmware again.

if your information is confirmed; this is what you will see when you open "efix control center and click "update" : see screen below:

confirmation confirmed

If you agree and click "ok" you will see screen below; firmware update process starts

efix firmware update in process

You will see screen below once firmware update is completed.


efix firmware update complete

Please Click here to download "EFiX Control Center 7.1"



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