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Operating system installation

(Please make sure you have completed the EFIX Installation Guide and Motherboard Bios Configuration)


Installing EFI-X Compatible Operating Systems.

Power your computer and insert an Operating System DVD/CD.


Your computer will now go through testing and you will see: Verifying DMI Pool Data......

And after a few seconds you will see: EFiX V1.1/EFIX V1: Loading Please Wait..............

Next you will see the EFI-X Bootloader menu.(bootloader menu may look different for your version)

You should see two ICONS; one for the HD and one for the DVD/CD Drive. (Please make sure you have only two ICONS for initial setup/OS installation)

       (there will be tiny bar on top of the clynders)

Before the tiny bar on top of the ICONs countdown ends

use the arrow keys on your keyboard and select the DVD/CD drive ICON (on the right), and press "Enter". If you are bit late selecting the icon, your screen may flicker; please restart your computer and try selecting the DVD/CD icon again.

In a few second you should see activities on your DVD/CD drive, and the DVD ICON will change, wait few second to few minutes and follow the on screen instruction & Enjoy!

Note: use Disk Utility to format/partition/GUID your hard drive.

Guide to Install Windows XP
Your hard drive must be formatted to "FAT32" filing system for EFI-X bootloader to boot to Windows XP. If you format Hard drive NTFS; the EFI-X module will not boot to Windows XP. you may boot Windows XP by pressing "F12" at the start up of your computer, and select Windows XP hard drive.

Guide to Install Windows Vista and Windows 7

Please power off your computer and unplug from power outlet wait few minutes; proceed with caution when working with any electronic device.

Disconnect the EFI-X V1/V1.1 module, and keep only the hard drive that you will be installing Windows Vista/Windows 7. Disconnect all other components.

Power up your computer and insert the Windows Vista/Windows 7 Retail Copy in your DVD/CD Drive.

Enter BIOS/CMOS setup menu, by pressing "Del" when your computer is staring up,

Select "Advance Bios Features” then press "Enter"

Select “First Boot Device" then press "Enter" please select "DVD/CD" then press "Enter" then press "Esc" to exit to main menu.

Press "F10" and press "Y" to save and exit computer will go the self check and windows instlalation will start.

Your computer will start loading windows please follow the instuction on you OS setup screen.

Install Windows Vista/Windows 7 as you would on a standard PC, format your hard drive, and follow on screen instruction. Please update all official updates and applications. Once the Windows Vista or Windows 7 installation is complete, turn off your computer by unplugging it from wall and connect all your components including the EFIX USB V1/EFIX USB V1.1 module and other hard drives you may have.

Power up your computer and enter the bios/cmos setup by pressing "del"

Select "Advance Bios Features" then press "enter"

Select “Hard Disk Boot Priority" [Press Enter] please press "Enter"

From "Hard Disk Boot Priority"

Please make sure " 1. USBHDD0: USB EFiX Booting Device " (EFIX USB V1/EFIX V1.1)

Press "Esc" Once

You should be back to "Advance Bios Features" menu

Select "First Boot Device" Please select "USB-HDD"

Select "Second Boot Device "CDROM" or "Disabled"

Press "Esc"

Press "F10" then Press "Y"

Computer will restart.

Please select the appropriate OS icon to boot to.


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If you follow guides, from hardware, to bios setup, You can't go wrong. I finally got my EFIX v 1.7 in and my skepticism was rather high. It was dashed away in mere seconds when the installation DVD ...

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